About Ethiopia

land of natural & cultural diversity

ETHIOPIA - cradle of mankind, roof of Africa, source of the Blue Nile, UNESCO World Heritages Sites, historical and archaeological sites, origin of coffee, preserved past, living culture, fascinating tribes and traditions, colourful festivals, scenic beauty, highlands, lowland, mountain peaks, savannah, desert, volcano, scenic sulphur landscapes, national parks, wildlife, safaris, game viewing, birdwatching, trekking, adventure, upcoming metropolis, international meetings, events, vacations, resorts. 
ETHIOPIA - land of natural and cultural diversity - come and see!

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Classic Sites North

The Historic Route North - home to ancient civilization and historical heritages - the civilization and steale of Axum, the castle of Gondar, the monasteries of Lake Tana, the gates of Harar in the Muslim oriental east, other highlights and World Heritage Sites.

Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches, masterpiece of architecture

Diversity of landscapes,  highlands, mountains, hills, fields, rivers, villages

Tribal Ethnic South

The Cultural Ring South - the region of the Lower Omo Valley is home to many indigenous, fascinating ethnic groups such as the Hamer, the Mursi, the Konso, the Dessanech, the Karo and many more. Ethiopias Tribal South: plurality of people, colourful culture and customs, diversity of tribes and traditions.

Ethnology & People, great diversity of tribes and ethnic groups

Lower Omo Valley and Great Rift Valley Region, fascinating Africa

Wildlife & National Parks

Ethiopia's diverse national parks provide you with many opportunities to observe various animals and a fascinating flora and fauna. Graceful gazelles, huge crocodiles, exotic birds - all the epitome of African wilderness and diversity which are endemic to Ethiopia.

Beisa Oryx antelope, game viewing, wildlife and safari, birdwatching

Ethiopian Wolf, face to face with one of twenty endemic animals

Diversity & Contrasts

Ethiopia - distinct diversity of topography, landscapes and extreme geographical contrasts. The land is characterized by the northern part of the Great Rift Valley with its lakes, highland plateau, Danakil Depression, Erta Ale volcano, desert, savannah, lowlands and mountains. Ethiopia is the source of the Blue Nile and home to Lucy, our common human ancestor, a female Australopithecus afarensis, whose 3.18 million year old skeleton was discovered in the Afar region in 1974.

One country - diversity of topography, great geographical contrasts 

Different landscapes, impressive sceneries, distinct territories

Festivals & Daily Life

Ethiopia is famous for its diversity of religions living peacefully side by side for centuries. Colorful Christian Orthodox festivals like Timkat or Meskal are celebrated yearly in January and September in an outstanding magical atmosphere. Moreover, Muslim festivals and secular events contribute Ethiopian daily life and rhythm.

One country - many religions and a multi-religious/ multi-cultural society

Urban and rural,daily African life in big cities and remote villages

Trekking & Adventure

Ethiopia with its highlands and summits is also called the "Roof of Africa". Many summits of over 4,000 meters attract mountain lovers and backpackers for climbing, hiking, trekking, horse treks or scenic driving. Most famous are the Simien Mountains, the Bale Mountains, the Sanetti Plateau and Ras Dashen with its 4,620 meter summit.

Trekking, hiking, climbing, horse trek - many possibilities to explore nature

Dallol, Danakil, Erta Ale, magnificent sceneries, natural attractions

Be our guest - feel at home

Ethiopia is a land of natural and cultural diversity - manifold and multifaceted. 

Lodges - ready to welcome you

Ethiopia - joyfully awaiting you


The more you see her, the less you'll know her.
The less you know her, the more you'll love her.
The more you love her, the less you'll doubt her.
The less you doubt her, the more you'll see her.

Africa!   -   Attilo Gattin in 'Tam Tam'

Ethiopia - fascinating horn of Africa.