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picture description: Ayene Belay, ZenAye Ethiopia Tours, in discussion with girls from Dessanech tribe in the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Ayene Belay, Ethiopian, founder, responsible for Department of Tour Operation, guide, Addis Abeba

picture description: Linetta Schneller, Swiss, with ethiopian children of temari school project

Linetta Schneller, Swiss, voluntary travel group escort and assistant, administration websites and photos

Who is ZenAye?


Ayene Belay
Ethiopian, born 1976, founder ZenAye Ethiopia Tours, responsible of Department of Tour Operation, guide, Addis Abeba/Ethiopia

  • Ayene has graduated at Addis Abeba University BA degree in Philosophy and Tourism Management in the Field of Tour Guiding at Catering & Tourism Institute and has diploma of Accounting. This professional has more than 12 years experience with big and prominent tour companies in Ethiopia and has been a company-representative at tourism-exhibitions in Europe, the Middle and the Far East. Ayene is responsible for our tours, organization and all complementary travel arrangements.

Linetta Schneller
Swiss, born 1963, teacher, founder and executive Temariproject, photographer and administrator of the websites ZenAye Ethiopia Tours, ethiopia-travel-tours and Begegnungsreisen, volunteer, travel group escort

  • Linetta has been been travelling in Africa/Maghreb and the Mideast for many years and has been organizing desert and adventure tours. She is the author of school teaching material and is commited to intercultural/interreligious dialogue. She regularly goes to Ethiopia where she lives and travels for extended periods of time. Linetta is the executive and responsible for the charitable Temariproject. Supporting Ethiopian rural schools in need is a matter near to her heart. Photography is one of her passions.

Travel is our passion - quality is our mission

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