Bale Mountains Trekking

ZenAye Ethiopia Tours - trek - 8 days

picture description: Sanetti Plateau, trekking in Bale Mountains with ZenAye Ethiopia Tours, Swiss-African expert in tour operation / photo: Linetta Schneller
Sanetti Plateau / photo: Linetta Schneller

Bale is a region with altitudes from 2,500 m to 4,377 m, a mountainous region with alpine lakes, rushing streams, several peaks and gorges. You will find moorlands, hills, alpine meadows, wildflowers and juniper forests as well as the distinct Sanetti Plateau, which is the largest of its altitude on the African continent and where you find Tulu Dimtu with its 4,377 m.

The Bale Mountains are an ideal environment for trekking, mountain walking, hiking, horse riding / treks, scenic driving and for views of endemic mammals such as the Mountain Nyala, the Menelik Bushbock and the endemic Ethiopian Wolf also known as Abyssinian or Simien Fox.

Come, see and explore the wonders!

Overview and main features

Code: TA 609.08
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Transportation: car
Accomodation: 2 nights at hotel / 5 nights at campsite
Focus of tour: mountain trekking, hiking, striking landscape of Bale Mountains, highland, Sanetti Plateau, endemic wildlife, nature, walking time up to approximately 9 hours
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Day 1

Addis Abeba - Rift Valley - Bale Mountains - Dinsho camp (420 km)

Welcome to Ethiopia, the land of natural and cultural diversity and home to ancient civilization!

Arrival at the capital and then drive through Ethiopian Great Rift Valley to Bale Mountains National Park. En route enjoy the beautiful Rift Valley Lakes and the spectacular mountain scenery. The rest of the day walking and exploring the Juniper forest near the Bale National Park headquarters. The area has a high concentration of the Bale Mountains Nyala and other mammals.

Day 2

Dinsho - Geysay Valley - Dinsho camp (3,250 m)

Our trekking begins with Geysay Valley, the northerly extension of Bale Mountains National Park. While trekking in the indigenous forest, it is possible to spot the Menelik Bushbuck, Nyalas and by chance even the endemic Ethiopian Wolf. Walking time ~ 5 to 6 hours.

Day 3

Dinsho - Weyb Valley - Fincha Abera camp (3,750 m)

6 hours of trekking through the lovely Weyb Vallley and then finally reaching the beautiful waterfall of Fincha Abera. Night under the sky of the Bale Mountains.

Day 4

Fincha Abera - Merero - Wasmea - Sanetti Plateau (4,370 m)

The third day of trek with ~ 8 hours walking time brings us to the peaks of Merero. We see and taste the surprising mineral springs before making the steep ascent onto the Sanetti Plateau where we spend the night in the pure nature.

Day 5

Sanetti Plateau - Batu - Garba Gurache Lake (~ 3,700 m)

Another great trekking day with ~ 9 hours of walking. We climb Batu (4,203 m) and then cross the arms of the Batu horseshoe to camp beside the lovely Garba Guracha Lake which is set beneath towering cliffs in the Tegona Valley.

Day 6

Trek / drive:
Garba Gurache Lake camp - Konthe - Goba

Fifth and last day of our trekking across the Sanetti Plateau enjoying the stunning scenery full of small lakes and then reaching the peak of Konthe (4,100 m). From here drive back with vehicle to Goba. Overnight at hotel.

Day 7

Drive / trek:
Goba - Wondo Genet (200 km)

In the morning drive to Wondo Genet. For the rest of the day a light trekking in the mountains covered by natural forest. Night at hotel.

Day 8

Wondo Genet - Addis Abeba (290 km)

After breakfast drive back to Addis Abeba and later on you will enjoy a city tour of the capital.

In the evening have a complimentary farewell dinner at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with live music and dancing show and later on be transferred to Bole International Airport for your departure or extended programme.

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