Simien Mountains Trekking

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picture description: trekking Simien Mountains with ZenAye Ethiopia Tours, Swiss-African expert in tour operation / photo: Linetta Schneller
Simien Mountains / photo: Linetta Schneller

Simien Mountains are known as the roof of Africa, with breathtaking landscapes, hidden gems, emerald valleys, jagged gorges, sky-scraping rock formations and endemic wildlife. Situated about 100 km from Gondar in northern Ethiopia Simien Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park with an impressive scenery of great beauty.

Simien Mountains - a paradise for hiking and treks, an extraordinary place to explore and experience Ethiopian genuine nature and a unique, original Africa.

Come, see and explore the wonders!

Overview and main features

Code: TA 406.12
Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
Transportation: airplane / car
Accomodation: 2 nights at hotel / 9 nights at campsite
Focus of tour: mountain trekking, hiking, adventure, striking landscape of Simien Mountains, highland, endemic wildlife, nature, daily walking time up to approximately 12 hours
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Day 1

Addis Abeba and city tour

Welcome to Ethiopia, the land of natural and cultural diversity and home to ancient civilization!

Welcome to Ethiopia, the land of natural and cultural diversity and home to ancient civilization! Upon your arrival at Bole International Airport, you will be met by your guide of ZenAye Ethiopia Tours and transferred to your hotel. Then have a half-day city tour of the metropolis. You will visit the National Archaeological Museum, where you will view 3.18 million year old Lucy, our ancestor who was found in the Afar region in 1974. We will also visit the Ethnological Museum at Addis Abeba University, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Africa’s largest open-air market called Merkato and Entoto Mountains, which offer a panoramic view of the capital.

Day 2

Addis Abeba - Gondar - Simien Mountains - Buyet Ras camp

Early morning flight to Gondar, then drive to Simien Mountains National Park. We travel on the road to the small town of Debark, the headquarters of the National Park. There is a little time to explore the area while the guides prepare equipment and mules for the trek. From there the trekking can start. Walking largely uphill, the landscape suddenly opens onto a picturesque valley dotted with mud huts, horses and livestock. We walk to Buyet Ras and camp close to the edge of the escarpment. There are spectacular views across the range from there. Our first night at Simien Mountains National Park will be at 3,200 m of altitude. 12 km distance and about 4 hours of walk.

Day 3

Buyet Ras (3,150 m) - Sankaber - Geech (3,600 m)

The second day of our trek we walk near settlements and villages. We will have fine views across the lowland and the Simien Mountains Plateau, stunning waterfalls, outstanding views of the gorge and mountain range, first glimpse of Ras Dashen, chance of seeing the indigenous Gelada, also known as bleeding-heart Baboon or lion monkey. This day of ~ 10 hours of walking is spent in altitudes from 3,000 m to 4,000 m. Finally, after a day with many highlights, we camp at Geech.

Day 4

Geech - Imet Gogo (3,926 m) - Geech camp

The third day of trekking with ~ 6 to 7 hours walking time brings us to stunning places, namely Imet Gogo and Siha Gorge. We spend a second night at Geech camp and enjoy the wilderness far from civilisation, luxury and noise.

Day 5

Geech - Innatye (4,070 m) - Chennek camp (3,600 m)

With a hike of 7 to 8 hours on our forth day of trekking we cross the altitude of 4,000 m. If we are lucky, we might see the Ethiopian Wolf.

Day 6

Chennek camp - Ambiko campsite (3,200 m)

On the fifth day of our Simien Mountains trekking we climb to pass the altitude of 4,200 m. From here the fit and energetic may like to continue to the summit of Bwuhit at 4,430 m. Otherwise we ascend to our camp and might be able to visit the school and the clinic in a village on the way to Ambiko where we spend two nights.

Day 7

Ambiko - Ras Dashen summit (4,620 m) - Ambiko

This is the longest day of the trekking and another attraction as we ascend Ras Dashen. It may take up to 12 hours climbing to the summit. Ras Dashen has three peaks and we climb to the middle peak which is the highest - known as the roof of Africa. Our efforts are rewarded with views from the summit which are out of this world.

Day 8

Ambiko camp (3,200 m) - Sonar camp (3,500 m)

Today is another challenging day, although not as difficult as the day before. From our campsite we trek to the superbly positioned camp at Sonar. After plenty of ups and downs we might be able to stop for some local coffee in a small village on the way before continuing. After ~ 10 hours of walk we reach our campsite at Sonar.

Day 9

Sonar camp - Mekarebya camp (2,150 m)

A much easier day today with a walking time of only 5 hours. We descend to the lowlands into the Ansiya Valley where we have a relaxing lunch break. Then we move on to our camp near the village of Mekarebya. This is an excellent day to see birds and there are also very good views up to the Simien Mountains and areas we have recently been to.

Day 10

Mekarebya - Mulet camp (2,150 m)

From our camp we descend a few hundred meters to where we have a long, idyllic lunch break. Then another ascent to our final campsite at Mulet which has fantastic views to all sides. Totally about 5 hours walking time.

Day 11

Mulet - Adi Arkay - Debark - Gondar

Last day of our trekking, 2.5 hours walk to Adi Arkay, from there ~ 6 hours drive via Debark to Gondar for a well-deserved wash and rest at your hotel.

Day 12

Gondar - Addis Abeba

Flight to the capital. Back at the busy metropolis you will have free time to refresh yourself, have a coffee break or do some shopping.

In the evening you will have a complementary farewell-dinner at a traditional restaurant where you will be able to taste the best of spicy Ethiopian cuisine while watching live cultural music and dance performances from various ends of Ethiopia. Later on transfer to Bole International Airport and flight back home or further programme.

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