Simien Mountains Trekking

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picture description: trekking,hiking, Simien Mountains with ZenAye Ethiopia Tours, Swiss-African expert in tour operation / photo: Linetta Schneller
Simien Mountains / photo: Linetta Schneller

Simien Mountains are known as the roof of Africa, with breathtaking landscapes, hidden gems, emerald valleys, jagged gorges, sky-scraping rock formations and endemic wildlife. Situated about 100 km from Gondar in northern Ethiopia Simien Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park with an impressive scenery of great beauty.

Simien Mountains - a paradise for hiking and treks, an extraordinary place to explore and experience Ethiopian genuine nature and a unique, original Africa.

Come, see and explore the wonders!

Overview and main features

Code: TA 408.05
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Transportation: airplane / car
Accomodation: campsite
Focus of tour: mountain trekking, hiking, adventure, striking landscape of Simien Mountains, highland, endemic wildlife, nature, daily walking time up to approximately 8 hours
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Day 1

Addis Abeba - Simien Mountains - Sankaber camp

Welcome to Ethiopia, the land of natural and cultural diversity and home to ancient civilization!

From Addis Abeba to Gondar by plane, then drive from Gondar to the small town of Debark where we will get a permit for the Simien National Park and arrange mules and scout for our trekking. Then drive to Sankaber Campsite (3,200 m) and first night in the silence of the Simien Mountains National Park.

Day 2

Sankaber - Geech campsite (3,600 m)

En route we will see the beautiful Gelada Baboons, which are endemic to Ethiopia. After 15 km and ~ 7 hours of walking we will reach the campsite and enjoy the calm and peace of the mountains.

Day 3

Geech - Imet Gogo (3,926 m) - Geech camp

This trekking day with ~ 6 hours (13 km) walking time brings us to stunning places, namely Imet Gogo and Siha Gorge. We spend another night at Geech and enjoy the wilderness far from civilisation, luxury and noise.

Day 4

Geech - Innatye (4,070 m) - Chennek camp (3,600 m)

With a hike of 7 to 8 hours (15 km) on our forth day of trekking we cross the altitude of 4,000 meters. If we are lucky, we might see the Ethiopian Wolf.

Day 5

Chennek Camp - Gondar - Addis Abeba

Walking back to Chennek (~ 6 hours), where we meet our driver who brings us back to the historical town of Gondar where we will take our plane back to Addis Abeba and later on our connecting flights home or continue with a further programme.

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